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User roles allow you to give different permissions to users in your organization. These roles are not group specific, so no matter what groups users are assigned to, their permissions will remain the same. This allows you to choose what permissions you would like for each of your users. This gives you control over who can access what in your organization’s ac

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What are user roles?

User roles are a set of defined permissions for using the software. This allows you to give different types of access for each user in your organization. You may have team members that you want to give full access, some you want to limit access and only allow them to view things without accessing them, and others be learners only.

User Role Permissions

The different roles available are:

Admin: Manage permissions, create, edit, view, delete, and access learning portal.
Editor: Create, edit, view, delete, and access learning portal.
Contributor: Create, edit, view, and access learning portal.
Viewer: View, and access learning portal.
Learner: Access learning portal.

Here a visual of the different permissions to compare.

How to add a user role to a user

In the main menu, click on ‘Users & Groups’, then click on the ‘Users’ tab. Click on the blue ‘+ Create New User’ button. A modal will then appear to create a new user. The section labeled ‘User Role’ is where you can select a user role to attach to the user.

You can change or edit the user later by editing a user in the users list.

How to assign things to a user role

In the Course Builder under the ‘Assign This Course’ tab is where you can make assignments based on user roles.

Manual Assignment

You can manually assign a course to a user role through the ‘Registered Students’ tab and by clicking on the blue ‘+ Add Students’ button.

A modal will then appear where you can select ‘User Role’ to assign to and then which user you want.

Automation Assignment

You can create an automation that will automatically assign a course to anyone who has a certain user role assigned to them. You can do this under the ‘Automations’ tab. Click on the blue ‘+ Create New Automation’ button.

A new page will appear where you can select all of the settings for the automation. Under ‘Who do you want to assign this course to?” is where where you can choose to assign to a user role and then select which user role. You can add multiple user roles as desired.

Updated on May 7, 2021

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