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SkillSuite allows you to create user groups to organize the members of your organization. This functionality allows you to be able to assign courses to specific groups of people.

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User Groups

The users page displays all of the groups in your organization that you have permissions to view. You can view number of members, subgroups, and courses.

Create New User Group

To create a new user, click on the blue ‘+ Create New Group’ button.

The ‘Create Group’ page will then appear where you can enter the group name, group description, and select a parent group.

When you click ‘Next’ then the group details page will appear where you can add users or edit information about your group.

By clicking on the blue “+Add New Member” button a modal will appear where you can add a user to the group.

Editing and Deleting User Groups

To edit or delete a user group from the groups list, simply hover over a group name.

If you choose to edit a group, the group details page will appear where you can edit the details of the group and/or manage members of the group.

If you choose to delete a group, a warning message will pop up informing you that deleting a group means you will lose all users and content associated with that group. However, the option to reassign that content is available if you do not want to lose it.

Updated on May 1, 2021

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