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SkillSuite Features


Learn about SkillSuite’s key features, building courses, setting up your organizations, and enrolling users to these courses.

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Key Features

SkillSuite offers a variety of tools to help you design, build, and enroll students to your courses. Depending on the pricing plan that you choose, you can build out small to large organizations, add administrators and collaborators, enroll students using automations, and even integrate your courses to be sold through your e-commerce platform.

SkillSuite Offers:

  • Interactive course authoring tools to design and build exciting and meaningful courses for your customers or employees
    • Text blocks, images, videos, flash cards, image hot spots, sorting cards, and more
  • Quizzes and assessments to test your learner’s knowledge
  • Course authoring collaborations with colleagues
  • Mobile friendly designs for building and taking courses
  • Powerful email builder to customize and automate course emails for things like enrollment, reminders, and course completion/ certification emails.
  • Enrollment Automations to reduce human error and make your life easier
    • Use conditions like “any user in this group, with the tag, “supervisor”, enroll in this course”
  • Built with compliance in mind from the very beginning. Keep people up to date with safety and mandatory trainings
  • Organize your company’s users with groups and tags
  • Powerful reporting and analytics
  • Hold people accountable by easily seeing who is on time or past due for their course assignments

My Organization


SkillSuite lets you organize your entire organization and its learners within groups. Groups can be nested with parent/ child relationships and custom tags. These groups help you visually manage users as well as automate many of the common functions like course enrollments and reporting.


SkillSuite lets you organize your entire organization and its learners within groups. Groups can be nested within other parent groups. You can add as many groups as you see fit. Within each group, you can add users and nested groups. These groups help you keep track and organize things like departments, locations, and other unique aspects of your company. Groups can be used in SkillSuite for automated enrollments, reporting, and others. Admin users within these groups can see other users information and manage them within their group and within their permissions. A user can be a part of as many groups as you would like.

User Roles

You can easily control access and permissions with User roles. Each user can have one type of user role.

SkillSuite User Permissions
SkillSuite User Permissions

User Tags

SkillSuite User Tags

User tags can be created and applied to users within your organization. Each user can have multiple tags. Tags are customized and created easily. Examples of user tags are:

  • Supervisor
  • Employee
  • Warehouse
  • Sales
  • Cashier
  • Shopify Enrolled Student
  • Production Specialist

Tags can be used in automated enrollments, to tell SkillSuite that any user with a specific tag is to be assigned this course automatically. They can also be used to see custom reports and compliance.

Enrolling Users

There are a few ways to enroll users to a course depending on what type of plan you are using.

Single Instance:

You can add students in a single instance with the + Add Students button. Meaning that the user(s) will be enrolled manually one time only. With this type of assignment, you can create a due date, but no repeating actions.

Course Builder > Assign Course> + Add Students


With automations, you can use powerful conditional formatting to create triggers that will automatically enroll students to your course when these conditions hold true.

Course Automation
Course Builder > Assign Course> Automations > Create Automations

WhoThis is the who that will be affected if the trigger condition is met. The who can be your users, groups, tags, courses, etcIf User Group is
If User Tag is
Trigger ConditionA Trigger Condition tells us that if the who meets this value, then take the following action. If User Tag = Supervisor
ActionAn action is a change that is made to your who. It can be a new course assignment, or an email to be sent. Assign this course
Send this email to this user

Selling Courses

With a SkillSuite Merchant account, you can build and sell your own courses through integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento. Talk to a sales rep today if you do not have this plan currently.

Once setup, SkillSuite can work with your e-commerce platform to automatically enroll a student in your course upon purchasing a linked product online. When purchased, a Learning User is added to a specific group, with a specific tag. The course you wish to have assigned to that specific user must be added with an Assignment Automation. This way, any new user with those credentials will be automatically assigned. Make sure you have your custom email templates and automations also setup to welcome your new student, remind them to complete the course, and congratulate them when they do! View the revenue reports and other analytics under the integrations tab for each course.

View the revenue reports and other analytics under the integrations tab for each course.

Updated on April 29, 2021

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