After creating a course it’s vital to know how your learners are doing and where your organization needs help with completing their training courses. Our reports section under each course allows you to easily view the progress and completion rates of your courses.

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Access Reports

To access reports, go the ‘Settings’ tab in the Course Builder and then click on ‘Reports’.

Overall Course Data

To view the comprehensive data regarding your course, click on the ‘Overall Course Data’ tab. This will show you an overview of how many assigned learners there, how many completed their assignments, how many are in progress, the average completion time, as well as the completion rate. There is a visual chart that also tracks completion status over different periods of time: today, yesterday, by week, by month, by year, or custom time period.

A list of all of the learners (users) that were assigned the course is available as well. This list visualizes when they were enrolled, when they last participated in the course, the percentage of their progress, their completion status, and their completion date.

Individual Learner Data

If you want to view specifics on individual learners, click on a name in the ‘Learners’ list under ‘Overall Course Data’. On this page you can view their completion status, completion time, and completion rate. The data is broken down by lessons and quizzes as well so you can view the completion status and scores for each part of the course.

You can also view their individual responses for quizzes.

Quiz Responses

By click on the ‘Quiz Data’ tab you can view the responses for quizzes in your course.

Under the ‘Select Quiz’ drop down is where you can switch between different quizzes in your course to see the responses specific to each quiz.

By Question

By default the ‘By Question’ option will display. This will show how many questions are in your quiz, how many responses were completed, and the overall grade for the quiz.

It also displays a break down of each question and which responses were chosen. Each multiple choice, multiple response, and drop down question types will display a pie chart of each of the choices chosen. The colors will correspond with the answer options.

For each open ended short answer or paragraph answer question, there is a link where a modal will appear that shows the responses that were submitted.

By Individual Response

You can also view the individual responses by selecting the ‘By Individual’ option. This will display a break down of their score, how many answers they got correct and how many answers they got wrong.

You can switch users by select different users in the ‘Responder’ drop down menu.

Updated on May 5, 2021

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