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After creating a course, you will need to assign a course to users in your organization. SkillSuite gives you an easy way to view all of the learners that are registered for your course, as well as a simple way to assign new learners to your course. To learn how to set up advanced assignment automations for your course, click here.

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List of Registered Learners

To access the list of registered learners, first click on the ‘Assign This Course’ course tab in the course builder.

When the ‘Assign This Course’ tab is active, there are two options: ‘Registered Students’ and ‘Automations’. To view the list of registered students for your course, click on ‘Registered Students’. It will display a list of every user that has been assigned this course.

How to Assign New Learners to Your Course

If you want to assign additional users, whether a single user or multiple users, simply add them by clicking on the blue ‘+ Add Students’ button.

Upon clicking that button, a modal will appear where you can select users, user roles, and/or groups to assign your course too, in addition a place to set the completion date for this assignment.

Updated on May 4, 2021

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