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SkillSuite has the added bonus of being able to quiz learners on what they have learned from your courses. The quiz builder makes it easy to create questions, with the built-in capability to easily transform your form into a form to collect feedback.

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Getting Started

The course outline is where you can add the quiz title and add content for each section.

To open the quiz builder, you hover over any quiz in your course outline and click on the edit icon.

Quiz Builder

The SkillSuite quiz builder allows you to build quizzes separate from the lesson builder interactive content to test the knowledge of your users.

The quiz builder has a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to easily add and re-order questions. Each question allows you to choose whether or not a question is required for a user to complete, along with ability to easily re-order, duplicate, or delete it.

Quiz Settings

The ‘Settings’ accordion allows you to choose between quiz or a form, add a confirmation message, and set a percentage required to pass the quiz.

Question Types

Multiple Choice

Create a question with multiple choice answers, but with only one correct answer.

Multiple Answer

Create a question with checkboxes and multiple correct answers.

Create a question with the answers in a drop down. This is a great option is you have a large amount of answer choices that would make the list really long to display all together.

Short Answer

Create a question with an open ended short answer.

Paragraph Answer

Create a question with an open ended paragraph answer.

Setting Correct Answers

The interface allows you to easily double click on answer options to set the correct answers.

The correct answers will automatically highlight in green in the admin view, and the green indicators will not display to the learner. If you accidentally select an answer that you did want to set as a correct answer, all you have to do is double click on it again to remove it as a correct answer.

Answer Feedback

If you click on the blue ‘Provide answer feedback’ link on the bottom left of a quiz question a modal will pop up that will allow you to input feedback for incorrect and correct answers. You can input text, files attachments, or a video. This feedback will be visible to learners when they take the quiz.

Preview Quiz

The builder allows your to preview your form so you can see what the final product looks like. The preview view allows you to easily switch back into editing mode so you can make changes and save your work.

Learner View

At the end of a quiz the learner can view their responses and see how well they did, if these
settings are activated in the quiz settings.

View Responses

Under ‘Settings’ and then ‘Reports’ and then ‘Quizzes’ is where you can view the responses and data related to quizzes included in your course.

View results by question

View results by individual

Updated on May 1, 2021

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