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My Assignments (Learning Portal)

Not only is creating courses important, but it’s important for admins and learners to be able to complete courses assigned to them. To easily access the learning portal you can view all assignments in a dashboard.

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Learning Dashboard

In the main menu, click on ‘My Assignments’ to view all courses assigned to you.

A page will then appear where you can view all of your course assignments. You can view the next three upcoming due dates as well as a full list of course assignments. You can filter by all assignments, current assignments, past due assignments, and completed assignments.

View Course

To start or view a course, click on any of the courses in the ‘My Assignments’ dashboard.

Course Outline

Upon starting a course, the course outline will first be displayed. This way you can view the contents of the course and your progress before starting it or coming back to it.

Course View

The course view has a sidebar that contains the elements of the course outline for quick and easy navigation. The right side displays the content for each lesson or quiz. As elements are completed, a checkmark will appear to show it’s completed.

Lesson view
Quiz view

Incomplete Items

If it is required to complete items before being able to continue to the next item in the course, like interactive items or completing each lesson before moving onto the next, notification messages will appear to guide you to where you’re pending completion.

Complete lesson before continuing to next lesson

Complete interactive items before completing lesson

Course Completion

When you complete a course, an animated congratulations message will appear.

Updated on May 11, 2021

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