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SkillSuite allows you to build online courses with an interactive platform to engage your users in a way that in person simply can’t achieve. The robust builder allows flexibility and simplicity in how you set up your courses.

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Getting Started

The course outline is where you can add the lesson title and all the section titles, and add content for each section.

To open the lesson builder, you hover over any lesson section in your course outline and click on the edit icon.

Edit lesson section

Lesson Builder

When you click on the ‘Edit’ icon in the course outline, it will open the lesson builder where you can start add content to your lesson section. You can add any combination of text, lists, images, videos, flashcards, sorting activity, image hotspots, and a sequencing activity.

Text Blocks

Text blocks give you the option for:

  • Paragraph
  • Paragraph with heading
  • Paragraph with subheading
  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Two column


Paragraph with Heading

Paragraph with Subheading



Two Column

List Styles

List styles give you the option for:

  • Bulleted
  • Numbered
  • Checkbox

Numbered List

Bulleted List


Image Styles

Image styles give you the option for:

  • Image Centered
  • Image Full Width
  • Image + Text
  • Text on Image
  • Carousel
  • Two Column Grid
  • Three Column Grid
  • Four Column Grid

Image Center

Image Full Width

Image and Text

Text on Image

Two Column

Three Column

Four Columns

How to Upload Images

When adding an image there are multiple options for how to do so:

Option #1: Upload an image from your device.

Option #2: Select saved image in your media library.

Option #3: Select free, high quality stock imagery.

Option #4: Select from Giphy library.


Videos are a great interactive method for training and educating. You can upload videos with a few different methods.

Upload from Computer

To upload a file from your computer’s browser, you select the ‘Replace Image’ option in edit mode. A finder window will then pop up on your computer and you can locate and select the file from wherever you have it saved on your computer.

Upload from Image Library

To upload from the image library, you select the ‘Replace from image library’ option in edit mode.

Then a modal will appear where you can select from any saved images in your library.

Embed Video

To embed a video, you select the ‘Embed video’ option in edit mode.

A modal will then appear where you can paste in a link or source code for a video.


The flashcards feature allows for an interactive way to teach learners content and give them
something more visually interesting to look at and interact with. You can insert text or images on the front and back of card. The learner just simply has to hover over each card to flip it.

The editing panel for flashcards is a slide-out pop up where you can easily edit the content of the front and back of each card and select the style for each one.


The sorting activity allows learners to correctly sort information defined categories. Learners will drag and drop the items into the correct category.

Editing cards and categories is done by simply editing and adding items inside each category box. That’s how the system keeps track of whether the learner’s responses are correct or not.

The learner’s view will show them whether or not they sorted each item into the correct
category or not.

Image Hotspot

The image hotspot feature allows for a great learning tool when trying to teach details through an image. You can create hotspots to highlight different areas of an image.

Learners can click on each hotspot to see the content.

Editing the content will display a slide-out pop up that allows the title and content to be
edited. The image can be replaced through the slide-out panel.

New hotspots can be added and the hotspots order can also be rearranged.

Ordering and Sequencing

This interactive feature allows learners to organize items in a certain order, whether it’s
chronologically, alphabetically, etc. You can set the instructions for how they’re supposed
to be sequenced.

Editing the content will display a slide-out pop up that allows the items content to be edited.
You are also required to set the correct order of the items so that the learn will know if they
have placed them in the correct order or not.

The learner will see messages that indicate if their choices were correct or incorrect.

Updated on May 2, 2021

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