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Intro to SkillSuite


Welcome! SkillSuite offers simple to use tools to help you create and educate internal employees, partners, and even paying customers. Whether you’re creating your very first course or have been training people for years, you can find out more information about how SkillSuite can help you and your business right here.

Once you have your account login, follow the initial setup guide to start using SkillSuite. The initial setup guide has step-by-step instructions and tutorials for the main features of SkillSuite you will need to get users enrolled in your first courses.

If you are already using another platform and need to migrate your courses to SkillSuite, then get started with course migrations.

In this section:

Key Features

SkillSuite offers a variety of tools to help you design, build, and enroll students to your courses. Depending on the pricing plan that you choose, you can build out small to large organizations, add administrators and collaborators, enroll students using automations, and even integrate your courses to be sold through your e-commerce platform.

SkillSuite Offers:

  • Interactive course authoring tools to design and build exciting and meaningful courses for your customers or employees
    • Text blocks, images, videos, flash cards, image hot spots, sorting cards, and more
  • Quizzes and assessments to test your learner’s knowledge
  • Course authoring collaborations with colleagues
  • Mobile friendly designs for building and taking courses
  • Powerful email builder to customize and automate course emails for things like enrollment, reminders, and course completion/ certification emails.
  • Enrollment Automations to reduce human error and make your life easier
    • Use conditions like “any user in this group, with the tag, “supervisor”, enroll in this course”
  • Built with compliance in mind from the very beginning. Keep people up to date with safety and mandatory trainings
  • Organize your company’s users with groups and tags
  • Powerful reporting and analytics
  • Hold people accountable by easily seeing who is on time or past due for their course assignments

Pricing Plans


SkillSuite offers many plan options to fit your needs and size of operation. Our accounts are generally in 2 categories, LMS and Merchant accounts.

LMS or Learning Management System Accounts are designed for companies to create or upload their own internal courses and enroll learners from within their organization. Our clients use these for many reasons including trainings for compliance, standardization, onboarding, partner training, product knowledge, and many more. There are 3 main pricing tiers for smaller companies and then custom plans for enterprise accounts. These accounts are primarily billed based on the number of users and ability to integrate other software such as HR management systems.

Merchant accounts are for companies or individuals looking to build and then sell their own courses online. These accounts are designed to accommodate complex integrations with their e-commerce platform of choice and enable fast growth for digital learning. Accounts are not based on the number of active users on the system but instead are

Initial Setup

Your initial setup will take a few moments to gain a basic understanding of how SkillSuite works. We recommend following the Getting Started guide as you begin. These basic steps will help you get a fundamental understanding of how the platform works and give you the skills you will need to build out your complex organization and trainings:

Once you have completed these, there is still so much to learn about the advanced features of SkillSuite, but you will have a good foundation of how it all comes together. We recommend keeping it simple and brief in the beginning until you learn more.

Updated on May 2, 2021

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