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Each course comes with some customizable settings to make your course what you need. The settings allow you to invite collaborators, change the course owner, add supplemental documents, set completion requirements and select a theme color.

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You may work on building a course and want feedback from other users in your organization before assigning it out to learners, or may want someone else to help create the same course as you. Under ‘Settings’ you can view a list of collaborators that you have invited.

To invite collaborators, click on the blue ‘Invite Collaborators’ button.

A modal then will appear where you can select the user you want to invite to collaborate, as well as the permissions you want to set

Co-Owner: Manage permissions, preview, edit and delete.
Editor: Preview, edit and delete.
Viewer: Preview.

Course Owner

By default the course owner will be set to group that the course author is assigned to. However, if you want to change the course owner to another group, you can select a different group.

Supplemental Documents

Attach documents to a course that don’t require any action by the learner. These are additional resources that relate to the course. You can select an existing document in your library or upload a new documents.

Completion Requirements

By default, each course is set to require the completion of each lesson and quiz before continuing, the completion of each section in a lesson before continuing, as well as completing each interactive block in a section before continuing. Any of the options can be deactivated if desired.

Accent Color

Select an accent color for your lessons and quizzes. By default the accent color is the SkillSuite blue, but you can change it to a color that better suites your needs.

Updated on May 5, 2021

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