At Skillsuite, we want to give administrators quick access to view the important information needed when it comes to training in within their organization. So, to make it easy to access the most common actions and see the statistics on how your organization is doing, we designed a beautiful dashboard to display all of the important things needed.

Included in this article:

Dashboard Quick View

The dashboard includes all the important pieces of important you need, from SkillSuite announcements, the most common action items, statistics of the progress of your organization, as well as quick access to courses you’ve been working on, as well as upcoming assignments.

SkillSuite Announcements

We want to keep all of our users informed on the latest updates and releases for our software. We also want to keep you informed on professional advice for helping your organization excel with employee trainings. In order to keep everyone easily and regularly updated, we have an announcement block at the top of the dashboard so you won’t miss any of our latest news.

Action Shortcuts

The dashboard includes the four of the most common actions that users do when using SkillSuite. These include easy access shortcuts to create a course, assign a course, create users and create groups.

Statistics Overview

The ‘Organization Quick Overview’ gives a comprehensive view of how your organization is doing, from the quantity of users, number of courses created, the overall course completion rate, overall courses pending completion, and overall past due courses.

Recently Edited Courses

View your three most recently edit courses you have worked on. A quick link to your full list of courses is available too.

Your Upcoming Assignments

View the top three upcoming assignments assigned to you. A quick link to the learning portal to view a full list of all your assignments, past and present, is available too.

Updated on May 1, 2021

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